Our Staff

Phones answered daily from 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM. 

A dial-by-name directory is available through the VM system at the main number for after hours or during the day if all our lines are busy. Otherwise, we will answer to direct your call.  You may also email staff.

For after hours for emergencies, please dial the care taking office at extension 340.  The extension is not monitored at all times but continue to try back.

Teacher Websites are shared with each class.

Each grade is assigned a student services "point person" and an administrator.  The normal flow for communication is the classroom teacher, the point person, grade VP and/or Principal depending on the need.

How to contact Student Services:
Grade 9 - Shannon Myers (extension 314 -
Grade 10 - Michelle Fraser (extension 309 -
Grade 11 - Mike Love (extension 312 -
Grade 12 - Jeff Sanderson (extension 307 -

How to contact Administration:
Grades 9 & 11 - Maureen Bartlett, VP (extension 306);
Grades 10 & 12 - Paul Roantree, VP (extension 305);
All Grades - Roxanne Saunders, P (extension 304);