Our Staff

School is out but we are still available.  You can email classroom teachers (emails provided by teachers to students or start-up info to parents), email the student services grade point person to answer all questions with one call, connect you with teachers, or email the grade VP or Principal for all grades.  You can also call Roxanne Saunders, Principal at 613-532-3350.  Please text or leave a message if she does not answer immediately.  If at all possible, she will try to answer incoming calls as they happen.

How to contact Student Services:
Grade 9 - Shannon Myers (myerssh@limestone.on.ca)
Grade 10 - Michelle Fraser (fraserme@limestone.on.ca)
Grade 11 - Mike Love (lovem@limestone.on.ca)
Grade 12 - Katherine English (englishke@limestone.on.ca)

How to contact Administration:
Grades 9 & 11 - Maureen Bartlett, VP (bartletts@limestone.on.ca)
Grades 10 & 12 - Paul Roantree, VP (roantreer@limestone.on.ca)
All Grades - Roxanne Saunders, P (saundersr@limestone.on.ca)

Staff Emails
For a complete list of staff emails, click here.