About Us

Image of exterior of Sydenham High School.Welcome to Sydenham High School, home of the Golden Eagles! Sydenham offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for all students, through a safe and caring learning environment. The school places a strong emphasis on student success through a variety of pathways (world of work, apprenticeship, college, university), as well as focusing on building character in all students. We offer Alternative Education, Co-Operative Education, Dual Credits, Focus Programs, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs and Specialist High Skills Major. There are many extra-curricular activities available to students.

We are dedicated to: encouraging and challenging students to achieve academically to the best of their abilities; engaging students to develop intellectually, physically and socially; assisting students’ transitions to further education, to productive employment and to responsible citizenship; and providing the time and energy to help students become accomplished citizens.

Our motto is “Spirit, Heritage and Success.” Our spirit evolves from the tremendous enthusiasm generated from students and staff. Heritage is the tradition of excellence in academics, as well as a positive learning environment where students are encouraged to take controlled risks. Success is directly connected to dedication, hard work and effort that students and staff contribute to classroom and extra-curricular activities.

Our "Live Well" (Work, Exercise, Love and Learn) initiative provides multiple opportunities for staff and students to be physically active, to learn about the importance of physical activity and nutrition, and to engage in activities that promote both mental and physical wellness.