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Sydenham High School
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Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of our focus on school effectiveness, Sydenham High School will be participating in an online school survey for students OurSCHOOL.

OurSCHOOL is an online survey that allows students to give their feedback and share their voices on their school environment, experiences at school, and any school improvement programs.  During the week of November 30th to December 4th, all students will be given the opportunity and time to participate in this survey during regular school hours. They are encouraged to complete the survey.  Students who  complete the survey will be given a random username and password to access and complete the survey. Students’ names cannot be linked to their responses which allows it to be completely anonymous. Results will show all student scores combined together – it is not possible to single out individual students in the results.

The student survey will be completed electronically and will require approximately 30 minutes to complete. The student survey Measures include such topics as emotional and social well-being, physical health, and behaviours and attitudes linked to student success. The survey also allows students to give their thoughts and feedback in open-ended question responses.

OurSCHOOL was created by The Learning Bar, based on the work by Dr. J. Douglas Willms. Dr. Willms is widely known nationally and internationally for his work on educational monitoring systems, including the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Since 2004, OurSCHOOL has quickly grown to become Canada’s largest national school survey.

If you would like more information, please contact Janet Sanderson at the school.


The Ontario Curriculum indicates that 30% of a student's final grade in a course will be based on a final culminating activity in the form of an examination, performance, and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered towards the end of the course.  From January 4-22, many classes wil be conducting in class summative evaluations.  Attendance at this time is critical.   Final culminating activities during class time and/or during the exam time will not be re-scheduled to accommodate vacations, jobs, driving lessons and doctor or dental appointments.  

Exam period - January 27th - February 2nd
Wednesday February 3rd - Inclement Weather/ Exam Re-schedule Day
Thursday February 4th - PA Day
Friday February 5th - First Day of semester 2

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