School Reopening

School Reopening
Posted on 09/02/2020
eagleUpdate September 02, 2020
Most topics below have updates.  Please read.

Also, new today - Key messages from teacher calls to students this week, click here.

All LDSB student full year schedules are now available in myBlueprint student accounts.  Please note, the schedules in the app were centrally uploaded Sept01, 8AM.  Changes made since then, are not included but are accurate in our school database.   

Covid-19 Daily Active Screening
From LDSB Message to All Families, Sept02

All families will be required to screen their student(s) for COVID-19 symptoms before each school day. KFL&A Public Health has provided a simple one-page daily screening tool that families can access on the Board website.  It is critical that students do not come to school or go on a school bus if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms. According to provincial public health direction, if students have any symptoms, they must visit an assessment centre, or call their health care provider immediately to determine if a COVID-19 test is required. Click here for the full story and more details on what to do.

Semester Model tudents will take one course per month (switching every 22 or 23 days, one exam/summative activity day at the end of the course).   Click here for more details on this model. 

School Calendar
Follow the website calendar for key dates.  Click on or hover over a calendar entry for more details.

School Daily Schedule (School starts 8:20 AM and ends at 2:35 PM)

The day consists of four learning blocks, two breaks, and lunch.  Students are allowed to go outside to take their mask off while social distancing (>2m).  Students must stay with their class cohort or out-of-school social group.  Students are not to gather with students from other classes. 

To stagger lunches, junior and senior students are following two different schedules.  Students in split grade classes, will likely follow the senior schedule. Teachers will let students know the first day.   


(Grade 11 and 12)


(Grade 9 and 10)

Period 1A

8:20 – 9:40 am (80 mins)

Period 1A

8:20 – 9:20 am (60 min)


9:40 – 9:55 am (15 mins)


9:20 – 9:35 am (15 mins)

Period 1B

9:55 – 11:10 am (75 mins

Period 1B

9:35 – 11:05 am (90 mins)


11:10 – 11:20 am (10 mins)


11:05 – 11:50 am (45 mins)

Period 1C

11:20 – 12:35 pm (75 mins)

Period 1C

11:50 – 1:05 pm (75 mins)


12:35 – 1:20 pm (45 mins)


1:05 – 1:20 pm (15 mins)

Period 1D

1:20 – 2:30 pm (70 mins)

Period 1D

1:20 – 2:35 pm (75 mins)

Grade 9
Grade 9 students start school on Friday, September 04, 2020.  Go to the Tri-board website to get your bus times (you will need your OEN from your report card).  Remember to be early to the bus stop on that first day. Students driving to school are encourage to not arrive before 8:05 AM. Students are to go directly to their class. 

Students should bring a water bottle, lunch and snacks and dress for both indoors and outdoors.  The school cafeteria and vending machines are not available in semester one. The school has water bottle filling stations but no fountains. 

Teachers are calling every student this week to remind them of what course they have (period one class only, from the summer mailed timetable) and what door to enter on the first day.  Each entry has a marked letter above it.  Buses will unload one at a time, and staff will receive students as they unload.  

Student Services staff will run several orientation activities for each class separately to help students begin high school, as well as learn safety procedures and classroom routines.  Staff will show you where things are such as water filling stations, washrooms including single-stall washrooms, change rooms, where to eat lunch, etc.   Students with advanced special requests can let their teacher know when they call or, ask their parent to contact the main office at 613-376-3612 or by email

ALL Students
On September 03, 2020, all students should check their email for instructions on how to login to their Minds Online account for an online Student Health and Safety Presentation. Students new to LDSB should contact the school at 613-376-3612 to receive their email and password. 

On September 08, 2020, all students should come to school.  Teachers are calling all students starting September 01, 2020, to let them know their first class, entrance to the school and whether they need a timetable change or not.  Staff will work all week to get students into the correct course before they start on Tuesday.  Students who arrive on September 08 still needing to change a course should go to the front lawn near Entrance A.  Student services staff will see students one at a time to make changes. 

Students may eat lunch in their classroom or second assigned room to allow more space when eating (room number to be shared by teachers first day).  If a student’s class is a technology shop, science or computer lab, we will assign an alternate lunch room.  No other students may eat in those spaces. Students may leave at lunch to get food or eat outdoors.  The gym and library are only open to students with a class in those spaces.  There are several picnic tables out front and at the back, a grassy front yard with natural seating, as well as a beautiful community park at The Point. We encourage both staff and students to go outside to eat in good weather.  When visiting local businesses, students must follow all public health measures and dispose of all garbage appropriately. The administration will be monitoring outside spaces during lunch.

Safety Precautions
SHS will follow all public health measures and guidelines for reopening.  We are meeting with staff on August 31 to train everyone on all COIVID-19 related procedures, and staff are preparing rooms to distance students as much as possible.  Signs are posted, floors are marked, plans for staggered entry, breaks, lunch, and dismal are ready, posters, and supplies to keep everyone safe are available or up. All students will wear a mask on the bus and, in school (except when eating). Transparent masks are available to staff to facilitate communication.  Learning program support teacher, Shannon Myers will communicate with families to share more details.   Medical plan paperwork for students with life-threatening allergies or medical conditions were emailed to parent over the summer.  If you did not receive these forms, contact the school starting August 31, 2020.  Please return the completed forms promptly. SHS has a strict No Visitor policy, visitors by appointment only. Call 613-376-3612 before entering the school or come to entrance A and a staff will assist you outside.

Information for parents on before school daily procedures, as well as response protocols for Covid-19 related illness, were sent home to all parents September 02, 2020 in a broadcast message.  Also, we will confirm and update parent demographic information in the first two days. 

Cafeteria and Library
Closed for Semester One (September – January)

Parking NEW
Students drivers are to park at The Point for now.  The north student lot is now an outside gym and outdoor space for classes and students in class groupings.  All lots are closed to student parking.  Students requiring accommodation should contact the school by emailing before school starts. Students should avoid the intersection of Rutledge Road and Wheatley Street by approaching The Point from the village. Parents are to plan a drop-off and pick-up place, in the village, near the school but not at the school.  Accessible parking is available directly in front of the school, and there are a few drop-off spots also out front at the far west of the school (outside of the bus zone). Buses will be unloading one at a time, and the crossing guard times will increase, causing line-ups of traffic on Wheatley and Rutledge Road.  Please avoid turning off Rutledge to travel down between both schools.  

More details to come – check back daily.