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School Year Calendar Survey 2018-2019

 School Year Calendar Survey 2017/2018
The Limestone District School Board is requesting feedback about the 2017/18 school year calendar and possible options for the 2018/19 school year. It would be appreciated if you would please take a moment to respond to several questions. This survey needs to be completed on-line or on paper by Friday, February 9, 2018.

The LDSB has begun the process of setting the school year calendar for 2018-2019. Each year, school boards are required to prepare, approve, and submit to the Ministry of Education a proposed calendar. The regular school year is the period between September 1 and June 30 and shall include a minimum of 194 school days of which 7 days are designated as Professional Activity Days. The remaining school days are instructional days. A board can also designate 10 instructional days as examination days.

The Ministry template for the 2018-2019 school year includes 194 school days between Labour Day, September 4th and June 28th. The template also outlines a Winter holiday break from Saturday, December 22nd to Sunday, January 6th, with students returning to school after the Break, on Monday, January 7th. The Ministry template has a March Break from Saturday, March 9th to Sunday, March 17th.

The process for deciding on the calendar for the next year begins with the School Year Calendar Committee made up of LDSB stakeholders representing the following groups: trustees, parents, unions, federations, non-union employee groups, Human Resources, and administrators, who meet in January and February to provide input for a proposal to take to the Tri-Board Transportation Consortium. School council and parent input is also a valuable part of this process.

Representatives from the three Boards in the Tri-Board Transportation Consortium (LDSB, Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board and Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board) meet to discuss the pros and cons of their proposals. A common draft calendar is then taken by each Board’s representative to their respective Board of Trustees for approval. It is anticipated that a draft calendar will be presented to Limestone Trustees in April 2018. The calendar is then sent to the Ministry of Education for approval before it is released to the LDSB community.

Your input is important to us and we appreciate your time in submitting your feedback and comments. For more information, please visit the LDSB website at which also provides a link to the Ministry of Education website.

1. What school does your child attend? If you have more than one child and your children attend different schools, please select your youngest child's school.
2. What was positive about this year's (2017-2018) calendar?
3. What was problematic about this year's (2017-2018) calendar?
4. Do you have other suggestions, comments, or recommendations related to the school year calendar for 2018-2019?