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Sydenham High School Library
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Welcome to the Library at
Sydenham High School

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Use your cellphone to read this QR code!  You'll find plenty more QR codes around your library to point you in the direction of even more helpful and related stuff.
Free, Free, Free!!!

Your School Board offers free access to Microsoft Office and Outlook (email) along with Google Docs.  Getting connected is easy and you can send emails and assignments to your teachers with ease.

Getting Started

Go to  Here's what you'll see:


If you choose Google Login you will have access to Google Education:


Your login is (lastname, first initial)  The password is the same as logging in to our Network.

If you want to access Microsoft My Office, click the link and you will be taken to:

This time, however, the login and password is the same as you use to gain entry to the Network at school.



About Us

Reading, writing, or researching: welcome to the world of the Library at SHS. Whether your goal is information or producing report of every kind, you'll find solutions right here. And if you should be in doubt, just shout: the excellent resource staff can help you find it, make sense of it and make it work for you.

L i b r a r y   R e s o u r c e s

Finding a Book

Whether it's fiction, encyclopedias or non-fiction our selections cover the topics you need to know more about. Fiction can be found in the FIC section in order of the author's last name. Non-fiction is arranged by topic you need only check the end of aisle titles.

Finding material on the shelves and in the racks at SHS is easy.  Just click the picture below and it will take you to our online card catalogue search site.  Here you can find resources, see what resources are checked out in your name and more.

Accessing Our Electronic Card Catalogue:

1. Scan Me -->

2. Click Me -->   Sydenham High School  or the image below:

and then type a title, author name or topic in the Search Bar (as pictured above) and press the corresponding icon [Link] to find out what we have in our Library.

Stuck for a Project Topic? lets you investigate a broad topic by exploring suggested sub-topics allowing you to narrow things down to a singular topic.


Mind Maps Make it Easy

Do you prefer having information presented in a visual format?  If so, say hello then to Infomous if you are.  Find out what's trending or ask Infomous to help you find information on your favourite topic by clicking the Search file tab at the top.


Here's what people are saying about Infomous:


Sites like instaGrok make connections to your topic and illustrate them in the form of a mind map.
I searched sodium in:


New from Historica:  A Canadian Encyclopedia


Electronic Resources:  Databases and more

You can find Academic Journals in any of our 06122013_10458_12.png Online Databases including:

And we're back!


If you wish to access this database from home you'll be asked for a password.  It's limestone

Here's what you'll find:


Academic OneFile is the premier source of peer-reviewed full-text scholarly content across the academic disciplines. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text, Academic OneFile is both authoritative and comprehensive.


Agriculture Collection provides a comprehensive view of agriculture and related fields. The database provides access to current and authoritative content that spans the industry -- from practical aspects of farming to cutting edge scientific research in horticulture.


Business Collection provides coverage of all business disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy, as well as business theory and practice. Users will understand the activities of companies and industries worldwide through business and trade publications, complemented by a selection of international, U.S., and regional news publications.


Business Economics and Theory Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines focusing on topics in economics and related fields. The database has an emphasis on titles indexed in the American Economic Association's EconLit bibliography.


Canada in Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on a broad range of Canadian topics, people, places, and events. The solution merges Gale's authoritative and continuously updated reference content, written from a Canadian perspective, with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.


Communications and Mass Media Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines focusing on all aspects of the communications field. Key subjects covered in the database include advertising and public relations, literature and writing, linguistics, and more.


Computer Database provides access to leading business and technical publications in the computer, telecommunications, and electronics industries. The database includes computer-related product introductions, news and reviews in areas such as hardware, software, electronics, engineering, communications, and the application of technology.


CPI.Q provides access to Canadian and Canadian-focused journals, magazines, and newspapers. The database also includes other reference content of value to Canadian researchers.


Criminal Justice Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines on topics in criminal justice and related fields. Key subjects covered in the database include law, law enforcement, security, and terrorism.


Culinary Arts Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines on all aspects of cooking and nutrition. The database includes thousands of searchable recipes, restaurant reviews, and industry information.


Diversity Studies Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that explore cultural differences, contributions, and influences in the global community. The database is a must-have for social science, history and liberal arts coursework.


Educator's Reference Complete provides access to academic journals, reports, and many premier reference sources in the field of education. The database includes content in key subject areas including administration, bilingual education, child development and psychology, funding, health education, technology, and testing. The majority of the full-text titles included are also found in the ERIC database.


Environmental Studies and Policy Collection provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and other reference sources covering environmental issues and policies. The database includes diverse perspectives from the scientific community, governmental policymakers, and corporate interests.


Expanded Academic ASAP provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers across disciplines. The database meets research needs in subject areas including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.


Fine Arts and Music Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that support research in areas including drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. The database emphasizes full-text content for publications included in the Wilson Art Index and RILM bibliography.


Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7. Because each library creates its own eBook collection, the content you see may vary if you use the database at different libraries (your school, your public library, or your office).


Gardening, Landscape, and Horticulture Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines focused on both the practical aspects as well as the scientific theory of horticulture studies. The database offers biotechnologists, farmers, hobbyists, and landscape architects alike access to important content relevant to their pursuits.


Gender Studies Collection provides balanced coverage of this significant aspect of culture and society. The database offers access to scholarly journals and magazines covering topics including gender studies, family and marital issues, and more.


General OneFile is a one-stop source for news, magazine, and periodical articles across a wide range of general interest topics and academic disciplines. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text, General OneFile serves a wide audience of readers.


General Reference Center Gold provides access to magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and reference books through one easy interface. This general interest database offers the latest content covering current events, popular culture, business and industry trends, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.


General Science Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines covering the latest scientific developments. Key subjects covered by the database include biological sciences, computing, engineering, and technology.


Psychology eBooks

Vocation & Careers eBooks

Computer Reference eBooks

Environmental Issues & Policy eBooks

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture eBooks

General Science eBooks

GLBT Life and Issues eBooks

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia and Student Animal Life Resource eBooks

Information Science & Technology eBooks

Insurance & Liability eBooks

Health Reference Center Academic provides access to medical and professional periodicals, health and fitness magazines, and reference books and pamphlets. The database is designed for both nursing and allied health students as well as consumer health researchers. The material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.

Home Improvement Collection provides access to titles covering topics including architectural techniques, tool and material selection, zoning requirements, and others. The database offers content that meets the needs of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and trade publications that cover topics including the cultural and economic aspects of travel and tourism. The database offers current and relevant content that provides well-rounded coverage of both the historical and current state of affairs in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Information Science and Library Issues Collection provides access to scholarly journals and trade publications essential for information professionals and other knowledge workers. The database offers coverage of topics including information infrastructure, metadata architecture, publishing, and more.

InfoTrac Newsstand provides access to full-text newspapers and allows users to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, newspaper section, or other fields. The database offers a one-stop source for current news and searchable archives.

Insurance and Liability Collection provides access to academic journals and trade publications covering the insurance industry and topics such as labor relations, mortgage banking, legal issues, and more. The database offers content of interest to individual property owners and multinational corporations alike.

LegalTrac provides indexing and selective full-text for all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals and legal newspapers. The database offers coverage of federal and state cases, laws and regulations, legal practice and taxation, as well as British Commonwealth, European Union, and international law.

Military and Intelligence Database Collection provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and reports covering all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs. The database offers content in key subject areas including governmental policies, the socioeconomic effects of war, the structure of the armed forces, and more.

Nursing and Allied Health Collection provides access to academic journals and other reference content covering all aspects of the nursing profession, from direct patient care to health care administration. The database offers current and authoritative content for professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum.

Pop Culture Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that both analyze and contribute to popular culture. The database offers useful information for researchers in social science, history, art or liberal arts courses.

Popular Magazines provides access to the most searched magazines across the InfoTrac products. All of the titles are selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons and the database includes many titles recommended by Bowker's "Magazines for Libraries".


Professional Collection provides access to academic journals and other reference content for educators. The database offers balanced coverage for any professional educator or user interested in professional development.


Psychology Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines that cover the study of emotions, personality, and the human mind. The database offers content of interest to both researchers and general users.

Religion and Philosophy Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines of interest to both researchers and general users. The database offers balanced content that covers topics across a wide range of philosophies and religions.

Science in Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant science topics. The solution merges Gale's authoritative and continuously updated reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, experiments, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.

Small Business Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines perfect for both business school students and entrepreneurs. The database offers content that includes insights, tips, strategies and success stories.

U.S. History Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines useful to both novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers. The database offers balanced coverage of events in U.S. history and scholarly work being established in the field.

Vocations and Careers Collection provides access to journals and magazines that aid users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career. The database offers current and applicable content from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals.

War and Terrorism Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines of interest to analysts, risk management professionals, and students of military science, history, and social science. The database offers balanced coverage of both historic and contemporary topics in the fields of war and terrorism.

World History Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines useful to both novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers. The database offers balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field.


The Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources focuses on the physical, social, and economic aspects of environmental issues. Topic, organization, and country portals form research centers around issues covering energy systems, health care, agriculture, climate change, population, and economic development. Portals include authoritative analysis, academic journals, news, case studies, legislation, conference proceedings, primary source documents, statistics, and rich multimedia. Use Browse Issues and Topics, World Map, Basic Search or Advanced Search to explore the database.

Find alternative medicine-focused magazines, journals, newspapers, definitions, directories, videos, & reference information on: Medicine, Nutrition, Diseases, Public Health, Pregnancy, Herbal remedies, etc. Included are links to diet, cancer, health assessment sites & government databases. Easily access 700+ videos from Healthology, Inc.'s consumer health video library. Spanish-language videos are available. The material contained in this Resource Center is intended for informational purposes only.

Kids InfoBits is the perfect educational product for today's young learners. It's a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource featuring age-appropriate content covering a broad range of educational topics. It features a modern, graphical interface, great new content from trusted sources, more intuitive navigation, improved resources, and much more.

Find up-to-date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism and reviews on more than 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world. The optional MLA International Bibliography module adds citations for hundreds of thousands of books, articles and dissertations from 1926 to the present, linked to full text where available.

Created specifically for middle-schoolers, Research in Context combines the best of Gale's reference content with age-appropriate videos, newspapers, magazines, primary sources, and much more. Students will find outstanding support to complete assignments in core subjects including literature, science, social studies, and history.

EBSCO is our second database and can provide you with information about scientific journal articles that might be of use to you.  Be sure to select 'full text' in order to find an entire document.


To access EBSCO from home, you will be asked for
the following Login and password:
logoEhost.gifLogin:  s1974184  password:  password
To SEARCH EBSCO's Databases, click the image below:


Here's what awaits you at EBSCO Canadian Points of View:

Browse by Category

Aboriginal People
Animal Welfare
Body Image

Civil & Political Rights
Crime & Punishment

Family Issues

Global Issues
Health & Medicine
Human Rights

Political Leaders
Politics & Government
Schools & Education

Social Issues
War & Terrorism
Women's Issues

US Government Scientific Database

         - Get access to information about Clinical Trials and more! (click a graphic below to take you to the site)

Science Gov.jpg

Science Gov2.jpg

Teen health dbase.jpg


Presented by Rosen Publishing, here's what you can access:

Bielefeld Academci Search Engine (BASE)




Information You Can Trust

ipl2 is a public service organization and a learning/teaching environment. To date, thousands of students and volunteer library and information science professionals have been involved in answering reference questions for our Ask an ipl2 Librarian service and in designing, building, creating and maintaining the ipl2's collections. It is through the efforts of these students and volunteers that the ipl2 continues to thrive to this day.

In January 2010, the website "ipl2: information you can trust" was launched, merging the collections of resources from the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians' Internet Index (LII) websites.

N.B.:  This site is NO longer updated (2014) but it can still find the most amazing material!



Microsoft Academic Search is an experimental research service developed by Microsoft Research to explore how scholars, scientists, students, and practitioners find academic content, researchers, institutions, and activities. Microsoft Academic Search indexes not only millions of academic publications, it also displays the key relationships between and among subjects, content, and authors, highlighting the critical links that help define scientific research.

MS Academic Search.jpg

If you select Advanced Search another message box will appear.  You can narrow your search to Journals should you choose.

MS Academic Adv.jpg

JURN is a unique search tool which helps you to find free academic articles and books. JURN harnesses all the power of Google, but focusses your search through a hand-crafted index that has been highly curated over a period of six years. JURN provides comprehensive coverage of ejournals in the arts and humanities, the natural world and ecology. In 2014 JURN’s coverage was expanded to index selected university fulltext repositories, and also to ejournals in science, biomedical, business and law.

Even More Useful Search Sites

Meta Search Engines

Whonu - Whonu searches just about everything, from popular search engines like Google and Yahoo! to websites like digg, and reddit. You can also filter your search by types of site, including .edu domains, or narrow your results to specific countries.

Dogpile - Dogpile searches other search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask, to bring you the best of the web in one handy results list. You can also feel good about using Dogpile because the site donates portions of its revenue to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA.)

Yippy - Yippy is a unique meta search engine that delivers results in related clusters to help you find exactly what you need as fast as possible.

MetaCrawler - This meta search engine searches Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, About, MIVA and others. You can use this engine to find information, images, videos, news, yellow page listings and white page listings.

Mamma - Known as the 'mother of all search engines,' Mamma allows you to perform a general Web meta search like the above engines, or focus your results on Twitter, news feeds, images and video, local results and job opportunities. - returns results from everyone's favorite search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and About. The site also offers filtering for subjects like flights, jobs, multimedia, shopping and more.

MsFreckles - There are tons of different ways to use MsFreckles. You can search the entire web, search Google blogs, search UK sites only, search specific domains, search for multiple websites, search definitions, search scholarly papers - the list goes on and on.

Media Search Engines (Audio, Videos and Photos)

Radio-Locator - Radio-Locator is the largest radio station search engine. You can use it to locate over 10,000 radio station websites and over 2,500 audio streams.

Blinkx - Users can search more than 32 million hours of video on Blinkx by keyword or category.

Pixsy - Pixsy is a visual search engine that pulls video and photos from sources like You Tube, Flickr, iStock and more. Clicking on a result will take you to its source page, which can make it easier to find images and video that are available for reuse.

Retrievr - Retrievr is another visual search engine, but with a twist - it allows you to upload an image or make a sketch, then retrieves matching images from Flickr.

Picsearch - This image search engine puts 3,000,000,000 pictures at your fingertips.

Looking for an Encyclopedia?

Try Encyclopedia Britannica.  Go to:


Free Web-Clipping and Citation Making Software

UberNote or CiteLighter – are free tools that lets you clip web content, create citations on the go and organize your resources in one place: the cloud.  

ubernote.png citelighterchrome.jpg

Word processing – OpenOffice Writer (this suite is free to the world and you can save in Microsoft format if you wish).


Visit these featured guides:

Library store --We also operate a Library store for students to buy school supplies such as bristol board, report covers, pens, pencils and more. Printing for curricular purposes is free, but there is a charge for photocopies.

Additional Resources – there is so much to be had in your Resource Centre including:  

  • Bookable computers (reservations can be made at the Reference Desk.
  • E-Books  
  • Conference rooms  
  • Television (EastLink Cable TV)
  • Assistance with research, report writing and more.
  • Photocopies can be made (10 cents apiece)
  • Books may be borrowed for a period of two weeks at a time. We ask that you keep DVDs for no more than three days. Best of all, you do not need a Library card!

Things That Make Our Library Better

  • You!
  • Please do not eat or drink in the Library.
  • Please use only the programs that you find on our computers.
  • Activities such as online gaming and video streaming is best left for home.  
  • Be a good citizen while online.

You can access all of these from your SmartPhone or online anywhere.

See You in the Library!

But Remember:


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This free alternative to MS Office Suite is used by more nations than any other productivity suite. It fully supports MS Office formats.
Libre Office
Cite Lighter
Free citation generator and web-clipping service.
Cite Lighter
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Giving credit where credit is due.
Citing Sources
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